Be “Positively” Fabulous this Holiday Season!

Happy Holidays

The Holidays are Coming! Ho-Ho-Ho!

While to some this may mean hugs and giggles, to others it can shout “Stress Alert! Stress Alert!”  Whatever the message coming your way, a little mental preparation will help you be ready to enjoy and greet it all with enthusiasm.

Whether your season is filled with anxiety or full of laughter is really up to you!  Here are three simple and helpful hints to make the season “Positively” fabulous! and one of happy memories with family or friends.

Remember that YOU are in charge of your thoughtsIn Charge of Your Thoughts

Yep, that’s you, with a choice.  Listen to yourself and analyze your thoughts.  If you’ve just come back from a trip, what is the first thing you talk about – The bad weather or the wonderful food? The annoying airports or the beautiful scenery?  Just the order in which you mention things tells you something about yourself.  Try to reorganize what you talk about. Spend more time on the good times you had; talk about something that made you laugh. In fact, try not mentioning the ‘annoying’ things at all. Not only will you feel better, you might even forget about them!  


Surround Yourself with Positive People

Now, if you find yourself stuck out on the porch with Aunt Sally who is telling you how her arthritis stops her from having fun, try getting her to tell you something positive. Ask her about her dog. Explore what books she likes to read. Get her to talk about wonderful holidays she remembers over the years. If Aunt Sally is too negative, go get her a mimosa, drop it off, and excuse yourself to the bathroom!


Be Nice to Yourself

Do the things you like to do. Enjoy a massage? Want time to read? Love playing with the kids?  Make time to do it. Make a holiday schedule that includes things that YOU like to do. When you are happy and relaxed, it will make you much more fun to be around and tolerant of others.

I’ve stopped at three so you can get started.  It’s your choice – stress? or giggles?

(Hint: We say, “Tis the Season to be Jolly!” for a reason. Make it happen.)


~ Loretta

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Random Acts of Kindness – Everyone Wins!


Random Acts of Kindness

Yesterday I was at the Green Hills Post Office. The line was long, and there were only two clerks. Both were very nice and taking time with each person.  The lady in front of me got a little antsy and started sighing. “Ah, the post office,” she said.  “The place where time stands still.”

I looked at her and smiled, “Maybe we should all just enjoy the pause,” I said. “Take it as a break from the outside hustle bustle.”  And so we waited.  And we waited.

One clerk was tied up with a strange address. The other clerk was helping a very old and charming lady who was mailing two letters and looking for her 92 cents.  At the last minute, she decided to buy a few extra stamps.  She took out her change purse and began counting.

Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, oh… here’s a dime.  Now, let’s see… one, two.”

As the clerk politely helped her, the lady in front of me looked at her watch and started bouncing from foot to foot.

The older lady looked at the clerk, smiled and said, “I just have all this change,  and it’s so heavy to carry.”  Then she continued, “Fifty-two, fifty-three…”

That was when the man behind me reached in his pocket, opened his wallet, and took out two $1 bills.  He slowly walked up to the lady and said, “Here, ma’am, let me give you these so you won’t have to go to the trouble of counting all your change.”  She looked at him and smiled and said, “But you don’t need to give that to me, I have the money.”   “I know,” he said laying the money on the counter, “but this will make it easier for you.” 

The clerk solved it all with a quick assessment, and he took her change, gave her the stamps and said, “These stamps are his treat!”  She looked up and smiled at them both, thanking one for his patience and the other for his kindness.  Suddenly, everyone in line was smiling.  And it wasn’t just because it made the line move faster.

Random acts of kindness – Everyone wins:

  • If you DO it – it will shift your day; you will be happier and in control.
  • If you RECEIVE it – it makes your ‘difficulties’ a little easier.
  • If you WATCH it – you will go out and do one yourself.

Let’s all do at least one every day.