Better Relationships for 2016!

Better-Relationships in 2016

As we turn the pages of the calendar to 2016 and look forward to the promise of a New Year and a clean slate, many of you have probably made New Year’s Resolutions. You have made promises to lose weight, eat healthier, save money, and be less stressed. This New Year my suggestion for you is to focus your attention on your RELATIONSHIPS

You have a lot of relationships – family/friends/work partners/teachers/childcare providers, etc. Think about those people who are important in your life, and for 2016 put this at the top of your resolution list:

 #1 –  Nurture and strengthen my relationships

This suggestion does come with a warning. Often the route we choose for our resolutions takes the shape of a ‘quick fix.’  We want the magic diet pill, the shortcut, the just-leave-a-message. These are all fine to save us time and offer immediate gratification.  But please remember:

There is no such thing as a ‘quick fix’
when it comes to RELATIONSHIPS.

Sure, the quick fix offers a short-term solution but just like grabbing a Cinnabon for lunch, the satisfaction rapidly wears off, and soon you’ll be hungry again, longing for something else.

The need to interact and form a true connection with others is one of the most basic human needs.

Nurture Your Relationships

It requires nurturing and time. As a Personal Empowerment Coach, my goal is to help you set a real and doable New Year’s Resolution regarding Relationships.

Take this little quiz to see how you handle your relationships: 

1 – When was the last time you gave the other person a compliment – out loud?

2 – What have you done lately that has surprised that person?

3 – How did you last show consideration towards him/her?

4 – When did you last do something just because you knew it would bring happiness to that other person?

Answer these questions honestly. Remember that you are having this discussion with yourself. Then keep these questions around for your reference.

If you find that your answers show you need to pay more attention to those special people in your life, you can make a plan to do so. If you find that you really are conscious and careful in dealing with these relationships, keep up the good work.

Whether you make a whole list of New Year’s Resolutions or just have this one, you are on your way to  happier times.  Trust me; the dividends are HUGE.

Happy 2016

~ Loretta

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Strengthen Your Core for the Rest of 2015!

Happy “Rest-of-2015!”  How are the ‘Resolutions’ you made in January going?  Still keeping them? If so, good for you!  And if you slipped a little – it’s time for new ones.  

We know we should work our body, both inside and out, so we can look good in that bikini!  But how about examining your emotional core and giving it a cleaning?  How about defusing some of those negative thoughts and beliefs that get in your way?

You know those thoughts – those recordings that lurk in your head and act as triggers for your behavior, causing roadblocks. Here are a few examples of negative beliefs that I often hear clients mention:

I’m really uncoordinated
I’m not creative
I’m not good enough
I can’t do  ____- because people will think I’m dumb
No one really listens to my ideas

You get the picture.  Something comes up for you to try, to be challenged by, or that you want to do – but then these core beliefs are triggered and act like a big guard standing in the way of you and your happiness.

They don’t have to stop you.  You can work on diffusing these thoughts so that you simply don’t listen to them anymore.

You can allow yourself to think different thoughts – more positive and encouraging thoughts that will help you reach your goals.

Think about it – if you consider yourself ‘unlucky,’ you start noticing anything and everything ‘unlucky’ that happens to you.  You become overly conscious of outcomes that you expect. The core belief gets confirmed.

You can change that.  At some point you begin to realize you do have control over your thinking – just as you have control over scheduling your next Pilates lesson or what you will have for lunch.

Think of how good you will feel when that limiting belief is quieted!  It will change the way you view yourself and will empower you in ways you didn’t think possible.

Now that’s a good “Rest-of-2015”’s Resolution!

~ Loretta