Use the Emotional Freedom Technique to Fight Your Fears

Fight-Your-Fears with EFT

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Use the Emotional Freedom Technique to Fight Your Fears by “Tapping” into Your Body’s Natural Healing Energy

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or ‘tapping,’ is a powerful energy therapy that can help you help yourself by tapping into your body’s natural healing energy.  EFT incorporates the principles behind acupuncture and mind-body connection therapies to confront those lurking triggers or fears that cause limiting beliefs, slowing you down, and often completely stopping you from achieving your goals.

EFT is essentially “psychological acupressure.” That is a fancy way of saying it uses a gentle tapping technique instead of needles to stimulate traditional Chinese acupuncture points.

EFT helps with resolving chronic pain, anxiety, and phobias, giving you relief and release from the boogeymen of haunting memories. It will allow you to once again experience improved health, resilience and positive energy.

I know first-hand how effective the Emotional Freedom Technique is. For over 30 years, I have had a fear of sitting in the middle of a row. Whether it’s the movies, the symphony, a lecture or a rock concert – I always had to plan ahead and snag my special seat on the aisle. (The reason behind this is not really that important; just know that it was a real anxiety-producer for me.)

After only one session of EFT, I found that though I was still conscious of my fear, it didn’t feel as intense as before. Tentatively, I went to a movie and sat four seats in. I looked around (habit) and then concentrated on the film and had a great evening. I could hardly believe it! I kept testing myself after that – at the symphony, in a lecture; I was able to handle the seating and enjoy the event without worry!

With that success, I knew I needed to understand more about this energy technique, so I decided to become certified in Levels 1 and 2 of EFT.

After the training, I was convinced what a vital and important tool EFT is for emotional health. Using tapping to connect to your body’s energy meridians while focusing on the fear, you can activate your own natural healing system.


This non-invasive technique will be one of the most important tools in your Empowerment Toolbox.

How would you feel if you could tame your fears and doubts with no potions or chemicals to ingest, no equipment to purchase, and no needles?

YOU CAN! I can teach you EFT tapping in as little as one session and then you can take it with you wherever you go, diffusing stress and anxiety and allowing you to reach your goals. (Tapping can be even more powerful with someone else tapping along with you but solo tapping is also extremely effective.)

I’ve used EFT on teenagers faced with the College Board exams and SATs. It’s helped executives who are reluctant to make presentations; and I have found that EFT can even reduce anxiety from emotional confrontations.

Kick out your BoogeyMan and release the negative emotions that trigger behaviors that keep you stuck.

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Tapping Away Trauma: ‘Emotional Freedom’ Techniques

(Click the link above to read an article that provides a balanced look at the practice from The Huffington Post contributor Serina Deen, M.D., MPH )

EFT is the last tool I’m putting into your Empowerment Toolbox! With just the 4 empowerment tools we’ve discussed (BRAINSTORMING, VISUALIZATION, SELF-AWARENESS, and THE EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE), you will be more confident, prepared to start reaching your goals, and on the path toward empowerment, balance, and happiness.

Email or call me to learn how to tap your way to freedom!




I’ve decided to give you a present – It’s an ‘Empowering Myself’ toolbox.

Over time, we will fill the toolbox with EMPOWERING ideas and techniques you can use to strengthen your outlook and your decision-making.  The first tool to add is:


Let’s face it, unlike when taking standardized tests where we are told that the first answer we choose is usually right, in life our first response is not always the right solution or the only possibility.  Sometimes we need to look at things from a variety of perspectives – before we decide on an action.

Brainstorming is a versatile tool that is not hard to use and will really help you make informed and well-thought-out choices.  You can brainstorm alone, or you can ask others (with appropriate insight) to help.

The BRAINSTORMING technique is simple and can be broken down into two easy steps.

Step One: Let Your Ideas Flow There are no wrong answers!

  • Take a large sheet of paper and a marker
  • Present the challenge
  • List every possible strategy or solution that comes to mind. Do not critique or comment on the suggestions.

This opens up all possibilities and frees your thinking

Step Two: Evaluate/Eliminate/Prioritize

In Step Two you (and others) can discuss each possible solution and either keep it on the list or eliminate it.   What’s left is a good selection of viable options,plus you’ve had the chance to think outside the box.

And that is how BRAINSTORMING is done.  Easy, right?

Here’s an example.

Challenge: You want to ask for a raise.

Step One – Let Your Ideas Flow

List all the possible strategies (remember, anything goes). You could:

  • Email the request
  • Call the boss and just ask
  • Make an appointment and ask in person
  • Find out the boss’s favorite restaurant and buy him/her a gift card
  • Make a file of your successes and drop it by his office
  • Prepare a salary chart for comparable jobs to show boss
  • Ingratiate yourself – offer your connections and lifestyle and knowledge to the boss hoping he will find you invaluable
  • Go over your boss’s head to talk to the CEO
  • Come up with new ideas and directions for the company to impress your boss so he will offer a raise
  • Skip the raise and opt for a promotion
  • And so forth.


Step Two: Evaluate/Eliminate/Prioritize

Here is your chance to praise or criticize and even laugh at what is on the list.  Obviously, some ideas are good and others just won’t work.  The point is that you have become empowered by broadening the possibilities and can now decide how you want to move forward.

BRAINSTORMING has an added bonus.  While empowering you to feel confident in your strategy, it also builds resilience.  If what you try does not work, you will bounce back quicker knowing you have considered a variety options.  You may even reevaluate the entire challenge.

BRAINSTORMING is just the first of your empowerment tools. Stay tuned for more ….


Oh, and you may need to go buy a bigger toolbox.

– Loretta