Daily Support for Make Happy a Habit

Make Happy a Habit with Loretta SaffIT’S ALWAYS A GOOD TIME TO BE PART OF the #makehappyahabit MOVEMENT and rewire your brain for happiness! HERE IS 30 DAYS OF inspirational tips, quotes, HELPFUL ARTICLES, and positive messages. Pin them, share them, save them to your desktop! and, if you need help getting started, getting unstuck, and finding your way to happy…

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Start Each Day Being Grateful

Click the picture  above to read a great article by Daniel Horgan via Huffington Post, “FEELING STUCK? HOW TO GAIN MOMENTUM”

5 Daily Activities to Make Happy a Habit

Start your own 30-day Challenge. Click the image above to find out how it’s done!




Choose Happiness

Is FEAR holding you back from happiness? The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can help. Click the picture above to read more about this natural and non-invasive technique.

Say 3 Things in Gratitude

You can Make Happy a Habit for the whole family. Click the image above for suggestions for Making Happy a Habit with Your Kids.


Don’t dwell on the negative … Control the Things You Can Control. Click the image above for a look at some common scenarios that lead to that feeling of “stuck”.

Make Time to Be Kind

Remember to say thank you and ask for the thanks you need. Going out of your way to be kind every day is one of the 5 things you can do to #makehappyahabit. Click the image above to watch a short and inspiring TED Talk on the benefits and power of saying “Thank you”.

Happiness Within

Is the search for perfection sabotaging your happiness? Click the image above to find out how you can “Just Say No to Perfect”

Exercise 20 Minutes a Day

I know it feels like you have ZERO time to exercise, but even sneaking in a couple of minutes is better than nothing. Set a timer if you need to so you don’t have to worry that you are running over. Click on the image above for some great tips from Parenting.com.


The benefits of meditation are backed by science. It’s not hard to include meditation as part of your daily regimen. Click the image above for a great article from New York Times well blog for “How Meditation Changes the Brain and Body”.


Ideas, laughter, knowing you aren’t alone, irreverence …Click on the image above for a great list of people talking about the joys and sorrows of parenting.

I'm Not Telling You It's Going to Be Easy

Getting everyone around the dinner table for family dinner is not always easy … but experts agree that there are loads of benefits. Click on the image above for 5 ways to make it happen for you.

Quiet the Mind

One of the reasons I recommend you incorporate meditation into your daily life is because you can use it to visualize your goals. When you come for empowerment coaching, we will use this powerful tool to create clarity and context. Click on the image above to link to the article “How to use meditation to visualize your goals.”

A Moment of Gratitude

If you are looking for something to improve your mood AND your health, try GRATITUDE. “Grateful people eat 25% fewer fatty foods and have better blood pressure readings than ungrateful folks.” It may sound silly but research proves that actively engaging in gratitude brings all kinds of benefits. Need help developing a gratitude practice. Call me! (Click on the image above for the article “The 31 Benefits of Gratitude You Didn’t Know About: How Gratitude Can Change Your Life”)

Random Acts of Kindness

“Being kind has a profoundly positive effect on happiness”. Click the image above for 24 quotes to inspire you!!


This Wikihow article is a little cheesy but still good advice. I particularly like Part 3, #4 – check it out! http://www.accomplish-coaching.com And, p.s., if you aren’t feeling like yourself, it could be because you are STUCK in your life. Let me help you get UNSTUCK!

Be Happy for What you Have

The college freshman dorm drop offs begin each fall, leaving a lot of parents wondering … now what? If becoming an empty-nester is filling you with anxiety, it is important to remember that this will also be a time when you can once again focus on yourself and rediscover your dreams and set new goals. Personal coaching can help you focus on what you want out of this exciting stage of life. Call me 615.500.2643. Click on the image above for a great article on the “Joys of an Empty Nest”.

Take Action

As parents, it can be easy to get overwhelmed, which can make it difficult to #makehappyahabit. Click on the link above for some cute printable parenting charts that will help you organize your family life.

Exercise is the Best Anti-Depressant

Exercise is one of the 5 things you can do each day to ‪#‎makehappyahabit‬ and feel great! Click on the image above for 12 great yoga poses.

You Must Walk the Path

Being Empowered will help you walk your path confidently. At Accomplish Coaching, we help guide you through these and more steps to help you achieve your personal or business goals. Click on the image above for a great article on “The Secret to Attaining Personal Empowerment” and then contact me to start defining and working towards your goals!

15-PayitForwardSay Your Appreciation Out Loud 18-Quote-on-Journaling19-Kindness-Aesop20-Happy-and-WiseBe ThankfulHappiness from Common ThingsHappy to Success

Make-Happy-a-Habit-with Your Kids

GoNoodle is a fabulous site recommended by teachers and therapists and parents to inspire kids to have fun, be healthy and fit, and be their best selves. If your kids are begging for media time, this is media you can feel good about. Click on the image above to visit the Go Noodle site and sign up for free.