Code of Ethics & Core Values

Code of Ethics & Core Values

Loretta Saff, Certified Professional Coach

Client Focused:
The Coach recognizes that each client is a capable person with the right and capability to determine their own priorities, goals, and action steps. The coaching process is focused on empowering the client. Each client chooses when to enter a coaching relationship, communicates in a way that is comfortable to them, chooses their primary focus during coaching, and chooses when to end the coaching relationship.

The Coach ensures all coaching sessions are private, and the confidentiality of the client is protected by the coach; records, notes and files are kept private and the coach does not discuss the client or the content of client sessions. For training purposes, general examples that do not allow for identification of a client are used.

Scope of Process:
The Coach recognizes that the coaching process is different in nature from mental health services and coaching does not cross over in to mental health services through the use of analyzing, assessing, diagnosing, or giving advice. The Coach clearly communicates the nature of coaching to the client and maintains clear boundaries. The client is fully empowered through coaching to determine their own best course of action. The Coach shall end the coaching process if a reasonable person would believe there is a need for mental health services.

The Coach conducts herself with integrity at all times. The Coach sets and maintains clear and moral personal boundaries, treats the clients and their information with confidentiality and respect, and ensures consistency in treatment of clients, and communication.

The Coach fully respects their clients by ensuring client self-determination, clear communication, confidentiality, moral personal boundaries, and consistent treatment. The Coach respects and honors the clients’ time by setting and keeping appointments, establishing clear boundaries for communication between appointments, clearly communicating rates and payment process, clearly communicating commitment timelines, and treating the client with positive esteem.

The Coach is truthful in all communications, public and private, verbal and written, both in intent and providing information.

Core Values:
• • Trustworthy: intention for a trusting relationship, extend trust, and earn trust.
• • Good Character: live and work with consistent morals and values.
• • Dependable: honor commitments, ensure follow-up and follow-through.
• • Competency: continuously strive to increase professional skills.
• • Compassion: seek to understand first, and care about each person as an individual.
• • Quality: ensure the best possible service is provided.