You’ve Decided to Retire!

Retirement Coaching

So, …, What Will You Do Now?  

Some people facing retirement say:

“Ah, – time to do what I want, when I want.”

“I’m going to get up late and enjoy my coffee and the newspaper.”

“Travel!  I am going to travel!” 

“Well, I’ll probably start another company or get a paying job.”

All these sound great and interesting – on the surface.  But let’s look at them more carefully.

“Ah, time to do what I want when I want.”  Ok, but what do you want? And in what order do you want it? There may be a lot of choices and a lot of opportunities for you and your time. Thinking about it and planning ahead can make a huge difference and help avoid disappointment.

“I’m going to get up late and enjoy my coffee and the newspaper.”  Ok, so assuming you don’t sleep later than 8:00, that brings us to around 10 a.m. Good for you! You are caught up on what is happening in the world. Now what? (And, by the way, if you’re only having coffee and you use a Keurig, you will probably be done by 9:30!)

“Travel! I am going to travel!” Yes! Plan those trips to your dream cities. And go. But remember, travel is getting harder and harder. Planes are cancelled; security causes long lines; prices are through the roof.  And what if your knee starts hurting again? Just like you spend time planning the details of a trip, you need to have a plan for all those other weeks when you are not traveling!

“Well, I’ll probably start another company or get another job.”  But wait, why did you retire in the first place? Will you make sure that you won’t face the difficulties and stressors that made you leave?

Don’t get me wrong – any of these are a good starting point for some real thinking and self-assessment. Being honest with yourself is a lot easier with an objective partner. A few sessions with a Retirement Coach can make all the difference.

Create the kind of retirement where YOU are in control and make smart choices that allow you to find peace and fulfillment. Use the same effort you put towards creating your financial “nest egg” to come up with a plan for your Retirement.  

After all, 65 is the new 50!

Call me; let’s talk.


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