There’s More to Retirement Planning than Talking about Finances!

Retirement Can Be Fun


Just yesterday I came across an article titled “Things I Should Have Said About Retirement Planning.” Needless to say, I thought, “Finally! Someone is going to have a discussion about the other important areas to consider when thinking RETIREMENT!”

Nope. Written by  a man who co-authored two books on retirement, the article focused on investment strategies and financial concerns that he realized he had overlooked once he retired. Though interesting to read, I was disappointed.

So … I’ve decided to write my own article that DOES discuss the other important areas to consider when thinking retirement. During retirement, there are issues and feelings that come up that aren’t all that fun – and have nothing to do with finances. It’s time to bring them out of the back room.

SIX Not-So-Fun ISSUES faced by the Soon-to-Be or Recently Retired

1 – WASTING valuable years trying to figure out who you are now that you no longer have your work identity.

2 – WONDERING why retirement doesn’t feel like you had hoped and maybe you should have remained at work.

3 – Feeling UNAPPRECIATED because you weren’t chosen to be on the neighborhood board or asked by friends to go to dinner.

4 – STRUGGLING to replace the things you thought you would do but now find you are somewhat physically limited.

5 – FRUSTRATED by family members who now think your time is best spent helping them.

6 – Feeling SOCIALLY AWKWARD at ‘senior’ activities and around friends who are still working.

Sound bleak?  Well, here’s the GOOD NEWS:  

Retirement can be satisfying, fulfilling, and just plain fun! 

Simply said, a successful retirement includes a PLAN.


                                       SPIRITUAL (values and beliefs)
                                        and yes

I can take you through this process of preparing and transitioning into the everyday of retirement life. 

You’ve probably got a nice little nest egg that you proudly view as your retirement plan.  There is more for you to consider, and a Retirement Coach can help you bypass those six not-so-fun issues and help you make wise choices.  You may even find yourself thinking of turning in your retirement notice sooner!

Call me – let’s talk. (615-500-2643)

Loretta Saff –

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