Personal Empowerment Coaching with Loretta Saff


What is a Personal Empowerment Coach
Make Happy a Habit is a fun way of embarking on a journey to create habits that will help you rewire your brain toward happiness, but it is only a small piece of accomplish! Coaching.

My passion as a Personal Empowerment Coach is helping my clients get what THEY want out of life by asking important questions, encouraging self-reflection, and introducing tools and techniques that help them find the focus and motivation they need to achieve their personal and professional goals.

If YOU, or someone you know, has a life challenge that you can’t quite seem to get a handle on or if you feel “stuck”, I invite you to EMAIL OR CALL ME. I offer a FREE 20-Minute Introductory Phone Session that allows us to discuss the coaching process and briefly explore your interests, needs, and wants.

Life is complicated, and sometimes all you need is an objective partner offering the focus and motivation that will lead to your own answers. Please share this message with anyone you think is STUCK and longs to get back to that feeling of being EMPOWERED.

I look forward to speaking with you!



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