Happy Halloween

So… “Who are you going to be for Halloween?”  That’s the question floating around this week for both kids and adults.  Sure, with the kids we get all involved with cute or scary.HalloweenKids

And  with the adults…?

 I’d like to shorten the question a little. ‘Who are you going to be?” Now that we are in the season of taking on another personality and having some fun doing it, how about looking at your life?  What if we had ‘Dress up as whom you would really like to be’ day?         Who would you be?Avatar

(Actually, the internet has some games where that is already done – SecondLife lets you create an avatar and ‘live’ in a virtual society where you can act as you think your person would in real life. It’s an interesting psychological study, I’m sure.  I think it is a good idea to contemplate.)

So, without any tricks and all treats… let me have a little fun:

Halloween-Poem-Who-Will-You-BeHappy Halloween,

~ Loretta

Photo Credits: Liz West, Eli Christman, Celebelle

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