People NEED People

I really like Barbra Streisand.  I like her for a lot of reasons, including:

  • How she spells her name
  • How she is not embarrassed about having a large nose
  • How her voice and mannerisms show great passion for her songs

And I especially like her for the starring role she played in Funny Girl on Broadway. As the awkward Fanny Brice, she sang one of my favorite songs, PEOPLE. Let me remind you a bit of the lyrics:

People, people who need people

Are the luckiest people in the world

And whether the need is for ‘one very special person’ or for a whole list, I think these lyrics are a very important reminder: People Need People. Regardless of how independent or brave or intelligent or strong you think you are, People Need People.  It’s a basic human desire, and it’s essential to our overall emotional health.

Friends, family, co-workers, or lovers, our need for interaction is what makes us human and helps us balance our lives.

How is your balance?

Make a point of interacting with your ‘people’ on a regular basis.  For those you can’t easily get to, you can stay in touch via email and Facebook, the telephone and all other electronic means.  But this does not satisfy the need for face-to-face interaction.

Meet, invite, get together with people in whatever social situation works for you. Create opportunities to be with others and then bask in the joy he or she can bring.  Make a list of people you want to spend time with and consider each one:

How do you feel after spending time together?  

If the  answer is not joy, peace, or happiness, find their name on the list – and scratch it off.  Be picky. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good.  

Yes – people who need people are the luckiest people in the world.  And YOU need people.  Pay attention to your emotional balance.  Plan some time with someone on your list today.  And let me know how it goes.

~ Loretta