Back to School Advice for Parents

Back to School

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I’ve been thinking about all you parents whose kids are going to school – ‘first’ time or ‘this’ time, and I have a bit of advice besides making sure their clothes are clean and their hair is brushed.  (Obviously the advice is mostly for the elementary years but it wouldn’t hurt to keep it in mind throughout their entire schooling!)

Three main thoughts:


By this, I mean to be sure to meet the teacher; stop by at least once a week to say hello.

Ok, ok, I know you work but I also know that you can still fit in a visit – when you pick up? drop off? (Here’s and idea: leave earlier for either!).  If you really can’t make it happen (REALLY?), an electronic note will do and at least shows an interest.

2 – ASK QUESTIONS ? ? ? ? ?

Ask questions of your child and the teacher! Find out what happened during the day.  Many kids are reluctant to talk – especially boys – but you can figure out a way to at least get a nugget or two to let you know how those sevenish hours in school were spent.  (And LISTEN to what the child says. Also, listen to the order in which he/she tells you. Usually the most memorable things are what bubbles up to the top first – good and not so good.  And remember to skip the questions with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers.


Remember your child is in school all year, so don’t get complacent and distracted so you forget about staying involved and interested.  Teachers – and kids – notice.  (Refresh yourself on how to do it by reading thoughts 1 and 2 above!)

One more reminder: Remember, every day to take out a little time and hug | look at | smile at | your child and say, “Hooray for Today!” 
Back to School - Hooray for Today

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Happy New School Year!  ~ Loretta

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