There!  I’ve said it.  In fact, I’ve even spelled it. So often we are so proud of our ability to multitask that along the way we don’t really focus on any of the tasks.  So, I have an assignment for you.

Today, pick one thing at a time and FOCUS on it.  Really give it your attention – listen/watch/ask/understand.  Look at it like it is the only thing you are considering – and let it be.  Here’s are some examples – major and minor:

(Minor item) Choosing your clothes for the day: Take the time to lay out on the bed your dress/pants, shirt, shoes. Check that each is clean and presentable.

(Major item) Listen to your kids or husband or wife when he/she speaks: Really listen.  And, look them in the eye as you answer.  They will really appreciate it and you will actually hear what they are saying.

(Really major item!) Put away your electronics over a meal: Focus on what you are eating, how the food is arranged on the plate and how it tastes.

Ok, I’ll stop at three.  But you get the message.  Turn off the ‘Multi-task” command and


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