What Did You accomplish!?

Welcome to my blog!  You’ll be glad you have clicked on, and I do hope you will sign up for the new postings as they come along.

I’ve decided to open the blog with a little story about why I’ve called my coaching business accomplish! 

Red Rose

It all began with my mother-in-law, Rose.

Having three very bright sons, she felt the need to be the judge/jury/conscience of their daily activities.

Hence, when each would come in the door at the end of a school day, it was a ritual for ‘Rosie’ to ask,

“So, what did you accomplish today?” 

This story always makes me smile because I look to this as an early version of the gratitude exercise that I tell my clients to practice: At the end of each day, before you go to sleep, you should take a moment to think and write down, “Three things that you are grateful for.”  Just thinking about gratitude (being thankful) changes your mood and your outlook because any negative thoughts have to be sidelined in order to bring the grateful forward.

Rose was ahead of her time. Discussing accomplishments – whether they involved school, friends, family, or others had to have made the boys focus on whatever was the better part of the day. Sometimes there were big accomplishments, and sometimes small. But the point is that they were all accomplishments.

When I have accomplished something, I can say, “I did it!” and I feel proud.  It works the same way for you.

So this blog is dedicated to her – and to you – with the hope that every day you will ask yourself, “What did I accomplish today?” And as you consider the day’s events, and you focus on the positive things you did, you’ll feel proud.  Trust me, it just happens.

Welcome aboard!  And the first accomplishment on your list can be that you are part of the accomplish! blog family.

~ Loretta

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